Vasectomy Australia: A Permanent Solution for Families That Feel Complete

Vasectomy Australia: A Permanent Solution for Families That Feel Complete

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If you have been thinking about a vasectomy, visit Australia’s leading experts in the Central Coast.

When you feel like your family is complete and you are satisfied that you don’t want any more children, you may be looking for a permanent solution to avoid any future surprise pregnancies.

Vasectomy Australia is a specialist vasectomy clinic located on the Central Coast, with additional clinics across Australia, that offers a safe, effective and affordable No Scalpel Vasectomy, for men looking for a permanent method of contraception.

Most procedures take less than 15 minutes, with the ‘no scalpel’ technique meaning a quicker recovery period, so Dads can get back to their usual activities, typically within a week. With a success rate greater than 99%, it provides the permanent solution your family is looking for.

Vasectomies on the Central Coast, and all NSW clinics, are performed by Vasectomy Australia founder Dr Geoff Cashion. Dr Geoff Cashion has dedicated his entire practice to vasectomy, unlike other doctors who may perform many different types of surgery. He has performed over 10,000 vasectomies and is considered one of Australia's leading experts on this procedure.

Dr Geoff Cashion

As the name suggests Dr Cashion does not use a scalpel to perform a vasectomy. He uses a minimally invasive technique which means a lower complication rate, minimal pain during the procedure and a faster recovery. You can learn more about Vasectomy Australia, the No Scalpel technique and some common misconceptions about the procedure below.

Vasectomy Australia also offers much lower out-of-pocket expenses for your family, with the out of pocket cost only $550, as opposed to a few thousand dollars with other doctors or urologists.

With multiple locations across Australia, Vasectomy Australia has a centre near you, meaning there is no need to travel far to access the dedicated specialists at Vasectomy Australia to get your procedure done.

Permanent sterilisation doesn't have to be complicated, expensive or overly painful. With new techniques, shorter recovery times and less out-of-pocket expenses, Vasectomy Australia is the affordable experts in your local area. If you feel that this is the solution that your family has been looking for, get in touch with the team to make a booking today.

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