Lazy Ghost

26 May

!date 26/05/2022

Following their triumphant return to Australia, today Lazy Ghost announce their biggest national tour to date, in celebration of the release of their new single ‘Told Ya So’. After many years spent playing abroad in Canada, Lazy Ghost have relocated to Australia to dive into their already established following within the Australian music scene. Their music tonality stems from their love of indie tones and surf rock tempo.

Supporting bands abroad like Ocean Alley gave them a sense of what home feels like. Lazy Ghost brings an energetic live show that connects with the audience. Lead singer Kyle Leeming, originally from the Byron Shire, NSW, formed the Band in Whistler, Canada in 2016 after buying his first guitar to ignite his love for music and meeting the very first formation of the band. The band grew into local sensations. This single secured their sound, offering a blend of exceptional tonality and lyrics straight from the feels.

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