Welcome to Surf Getaways, a unique surf experience created by women, for women

What is Surf Getaways?

Surf Getaways was created by one of Australia’s most accomplished and accredited female surf coaches, Serena Adams and Belinda Bradford an avid traveler, surfer, and experienced commercial marketer and entrepreneur. Together they have developed a concept of introducing as many women as possible to the joys of travel and surfing, creating a unique environment to teach and coach women to surf.

As a female run company that focuses o n inspiring and empowering women to reach their full potential through surfing, the aim is to make surfing accessible to women of all ages through Surf Clinics and Surf tours.

Why should you join Surf Getaways?

Surf Getaways has become something more than just a place to learn to surf. Surf Getaways is a community of like minded women that support, empower and cheer each other up, in and out of the water. When you join a Surf Getaways program, you meet new friends, find a new passion and feel part of a whole lifestyle that is shared within the community.

How can you join Surf Getaways?

Surf Clinics: Whether you have never surfed before or you are a surfer wanting to work on your skills, these monthly programs are perfect for it. With 4x weekly lessons run at the same day and time over 4 weeks we ensure you learn and progress. You’ll be coached by our experienced female coaches with the same group or women each week.

Paddle Squad: If you’re looking to gain some fitness, work on your paddling technique and have great fun without the added stress of the waves, you’ll love our 8 week Paddle Squad challenge. We practice in flat water whilst working on surf fitness and improving paddling technique.

Surf Skating: This is a brand new program that works in different ways. You can be a surfer that is looking for other ways to practice and improve your skills, or a non surfer that is looking to learn something new and fun. Or maybe you’d like to try surfing but feel too overwhelmed by the ocean, then Surf Skating is a great introduction to the sport. A monthly program with 4x weekly lessons over 4 weeks with our qualified team of coaches that will teach you everything from how to stand on a non-moving board, to rolling and how to fall properly, through to generating speed using your body and popping turns. We provide all material, safety gear and knowledge, you only have to show up and have fun.

Surf Holidays: Our surf tours focus on introducing women to surfing and the ocean for the first time as well as coaching advanced surfers towards achieving their next milestone. Surf Getaways experiences combine a unique coaching program with ‘bucket list’ surfing destinations that have previously been out of reach for anyone but the experienced surfer and traveler. With Surf Getaways, you will not only be supported in improving your surf skills, fitness and confidence, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a unique travel experience to some of the most pristine ocean environments on earth.

Now you know - if you’re looking for new and unique experiences, a fresh and awesome community of like minded women, and get your surfing journey started or boosted, then join us!

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